How did we perform the project?

We started out with performing semi structured in-depth interviews with people with heart problems. During these interactions we listened to stories about how people's lives are affected by their heart disorder and what challenges they face in their everyday life. Based on these interviews we were able to define hypotheses on different need groups that would benefit the most from the new solution and an explanation of why.

We continued the process with a few workshops where we together with users tried, explored and evaluated the new product and service, giving us a yet deeper understanding of the users. The workshops supported us in validating the hypothetical need groups as well as it provided us with user-driven details and proposals on how to improve and develop the Coala solution further.

What was the project outcome?

The user research and evaluation clearly showed that the solution was well developed and designed to meet the needs of people with heart problems. The user insights helped Coala understand in what situations and when the solution would be most relevant for people in improving their everyday life.

The project enabled Coala to create a more explicit packaging of their offer to the right target group as well as a foundation for further product and service development to reach new, potential target groups.