At Expedition Mondial we have a vast experience in building capacity and working with service design in a wide range of businesses and fields. We are the happiest when we get to work closely with our collaborating clients, adjusting our approach and methods to better fit and benefit their environment and needs!

Maria Telenius

Service Designer | Business Designer

My experience is that a customer-driven business makes you fast-paced in decision making, accurate in new development and cost-effective. I take this with me into the work together with the client. 

My interest in customer-driven business development or service design is based on the increased value and effect we get by involving both customers and the business perspective in the development of new services. By using the customer context as a lense we understand change is needed to achieve a real effect. Recurring quotes from my project groups such as "You make it difficult, easy and understandable" and "You make us dare more" are what give me job satisfaction.

Welcome to Expedition Mondial, we are Service Designers

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