At Expedition Mondial we have a vast experience in building capacity and working with service design in a wide range of businesses and fields. We are the happiest when we get to work closely with our collaborating clients, adjusting our approach and methods to better fit and benefit their environment and needs!

Per Norin

Service Designer | Capacity Builder | Business Designer

In my work, I have the opportunity to explore, improvise and delve into human behavior and what drives us as human beings. It's something that will always fascinate me.

I've always liked to understand how things work and often ask a lot of questions. Service design is a great way to get involved and collaborate with customers and clients to create customer-centric solutions. In order to create actionable insights, I like to combine different types of methods. Expedition Mondial is at the forefront when it comes to exploring new methods, user involvement, so it's a pleasure to work here.

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